We’re shooting the video for my Kickstarter project today, and oh lord, do I need to clean my house.  The bunnies lead to timothy hay in little itchy tendrils all over the apartment, and I haven’t done dishes in over a week.  Yikes.

It’s also extremely hot here in Minneapolis, so I’ve got the little window AC running.  It’s LOUD, so I may not be able to run it during shooting.  Which would be miserable, but preferable to trying to foley in sound later.  I don’t have that much time, since Convergence is next week!  I’d prefer to be able to have the project up and running, so that when I tell people about it, they can go directly to the website and pledge.  I’m gonna be busy this week.

Now I just need to break the inertia surrounding a pants-free Sunday morning.  OK, here goes.