I’ve got a lunch appointment with a publisher today.  Or rather, a publishing facilitator.

We’ll see how this goes.  The woman is obviously a sales type and very excited about working with me.  She’s bringing in a typesetter as well.  Of course, I’m going into this with a healthy dose of skepticism.  I do not want vanity publishing.  First off, I can’t afford such a thing.  Second, the idea makes me feel like I’m cheating.  If I can’t do this on my own merits, I shouldn’t do it.

But of course, I’m also full of anticipation.  I would do a dance of joy to get published and have people read my brain.  It’s the dream of every wannabe author.  I’ve been writing bits and bobs since I was 14 or so, and even though the early stuff was all Mary Sue and silly stale tropes, it was always something I really wanted to do.  It makes me wish I’d done creative writing in college rather than theater.  It’s really what I’m suited to.

Anyway, results forthcoming.  I’ll have more information after that meeting, and I’m glad of it.