gift_booksAs seems to happen every year, the gift-giving part of the end-of-the-year holidays has completely gotten away from me. It’s a good thing I have an Amazon Prime membership, or I’d be wrapping a lot of IOUs this year.

I imagine I’m not alone here, in my little pit of holiday-induced guilt. Some of those people may even be looking for something to give to little ol’ me.

My response? I don’t really want things, per se. I have many things, and what I don’t have, I often purchase for myself.

What I really want is – REVIEWS.

Eye of the Storm has been out for four months now, and it’s doing fairly well, considering it’s my very first novel, cooperatively published by me and my very own micro-publisher (seriously, their only authors are me and Steve Davis). What does it need to start gaining more traction, getting more attention?


Any author will tell you it’s far easier to sell a book than it is to gain readers, especially readers who are willing to take the time to review the book online. I’ve sold many copies of the book, almost all of them in-person. What I need now is a path to potential readers, readers I don’t have personal contact with.

If you have the time, if you have an opinion (I don’t even have to agree with you!), as a special Christmas present to me, please take a few minutes to sit down with your copy of my book, and go to Goodreads, or Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and typity-tap in a review. Say where you got it, and why. Did you like any of the characters especially? Did the cover art please your eye? Did the story grip you anywhere? Type out a few sentences and hit submit.

Seriously. Best present I could ever ask for.