I did an impromptu facebook poll yesterday, to solicit ideas for thank-you gifts for Kickstarter donations.  Most of the responses indicated copies of the book in one form or another would be a good prezzie, and one friend named Flombaye (no, really, that’s his name) went nuts with ideas for short stories I could turn into a chapbook which could then be another gift.  One person even suggested that for a high enough donation, the donor could have the movie option for one year.  0.0

One thing I hadn’t considered, though, was the cover art.  People seem really interested in prints of the artwork, signed or unsigned, as a gift.  I am not opposed to this; in fact, it’s a great idea.  It does, however, mean I need to actually *have* cover art picked out.

So, a quick switch of gears.  I sent off rate requests to three artists.  One has already turned me down, citing the fact that he doesn’t do illustrations.  Sadness, because he was my first choice, but also, likely to be the most expensive.  I hope to hear back from the others soon.

I’m also going to be sitting down with my videographer this weekend to talk about the Kickstarter video.  I’m hoping it will be easy to put together and I can get the whole project moving soon.  I’m also planning on linking this blog to my website.  Fingers crossed that it works easily.

In other news, I have my new bunny here at work for people to meet.  She’s running the Bunny 500 around the desk, and is clearly happy.  Yay.