The conversations with Dari the publishing facilitator have gone well enough that I’m actually starting to total up the amount of money I’d need to do this.  And wow, it is in no way pretty.

Good cover art is, in my mind, totally essential.  I have more than one book that I stopped to examine and eventually buy 100% due to the cover art.  I’ve seen plenty more that made my brain gag a bit that could have easily been good novels, but I didn’t spare a second glance due to the horrid design on the cover.  Bottom line – I’m not going cheap on the cover.  It could make or break a project.

Cover art and design:  $500 – $1000

Editing is another essential.  No one writes the perfect novel on their first try, and *everyone* can benefit from a skilled editor who understands the genre, points out logical problems, and clears the work of clutter.

Professional editor:  at least $50/hour

Next up, typesetting.  This is something I could probably do myself easily, if I were willing to put in the time and purchase the software.  However, I have no experience other than reading a lot myself.  Not sure that’s enough.

Typesetting:  at least $50/hour

And finally, something I know very little about: marketing.  The use of a professional planner coupled with the nearly incalculable worth of that person’s network is again, something I shouldn’t skimp on.

Marketing plan:  $500 – $1000

I may be eating ramen for a while.