I’m fortunate enough to live in the lower half of a duplex, so for me, summer is often cool and breezy on the inside even when it’s damp and burninating on the outside.  The last few days have been like that, fans barely lifting the curtains.

The morning came earlier than I wanted, mainly because the porch light outside my bedroom window stabs me all night through with fluorescent daggers.  I need to get to Target for blackout curtains.

Anyway, today was my first CT scan since going off chemo.  It mostly passed me by with not much more than a wibble to my morning.  I’m more annoyed that I had to drink contrast fluid (gross) and now need to drink about twice my normal water intake to flush it all out.  The news will probably be good.  If not, then … not.  I’ll deal with it.

Today’s book stuff included looking at the summary from the editor, for which the lovely Dari is advancing me a loan.  I’m very positive about this, and look forward to making the book even better than it currently is.  I also got to pick and choose some aspects of the online marketing campaign, and was delighted to find that I can do most of them myself.  I need to get this blog moved to www.akuzenski.com, and also get the website itself up and running.  I’m lucky to be able to go to friends for this sort of thing.  I’m hoping that I can discuss the trailer video with my videographer friend this weekend, and potentially have the kickstarter campaign taking donations by the end of June.

It’s amazing what happens when you finally decide to do something, committing to it firmly.