You can now watch me and listen to me plug my project over at Kickstarter!  The video is live.

I’ve got to say that it’s a bit crazy to be doing this, at least in my brain.  It’s hard to wrap my brain around finally getting moving on this project.  I am both excited and nail-bitingly nervous.

The video was shot and edited by my good friend and eskrima instructor, Chris McWethy.  Despite an overfull schedule and two young children, he managed to drag his semi-pro equipment to my apartment, spend several sweaty hours (I had to turn off the AC, it was too loud) shooting the raw footage, then spend several more hours editing the video into something really cool.  Even if you’ve already seen the page and/or donated, the video itself is worth a look, I think.

I’m 20% funded.  If this keeps up, I may actually dissolve into a puddle of happy.