The local Guilt Kitty

The local Guilt Kitty

So my Kickstarter is nearly at 25% of goal.  HOLY MONKEYS, PEOPLE.

On Friday, I told my coworkers that I would do a ridiculous dance if I got to 25% this coming week.  They said they would record it.  And I will post it here, for my dorkiness to be on display for all to see.  I think I’ll do this for every 25% of goal.  And they will get dorkier every time, I promise.

On other fronts, I had a visit from the parents today, who assure me that I am far less messy than my brother.  Thinking back to his room when we were kidlets, I totally believe this.  We went to local restaurant Brasa for lunch, which appeared to go over well.  Lots of walking and talking, and Dad took a nap while I showed Mom the Kickstarter vid.

I also ran an errand, and came back to find the local orange kitty in my driveway.  I of course got out to give him pets, and he immediately flops on the ground to expose his belly and HE LET ME RUB IT OH GOD THE RAPTURE.  Then he followed me to my mailbox, and tried to follow me into my apartment.  I still feel guilty about shutting the door in his little face.  And I know he’ll be just fine, and be back in a month or so to do the same thing.  I think he’s trying to wear me down.

Finally, I want to pump up the volume on a friend’s new endeavor.  Kearney Quinn (link is to his Tumblr) is one of the funniest people I know, and he’s decided to get off his butt and have a running jump at making a show.  I’ve seen some of it, and I laughed like a loon the whole time.