Xena, warrior rabbit

The mother of my army

This is a note for the Polish-language spammers that have been “commenting” on my blog.  At you, I laugh with roar.  My last name might look and sound Polish, but my ancestry is mostly German.  Both of my grandfathers spoke German, and I believe my maternal grandmother is the only one with even a little bit of non-German in her, and it’s all Western European.  So there.

(Not that I expect the spam to stop, but at least I get to tell them off here.)

The news of the day:  This is the last day of my Kickstarter, and it’s pretty obvious I’m not going to hit goal.  That’s fine.  No really, I mean that.  If I give up at the first sign of difficulty, I should just give up and resign myself to writing dry technical manuals for the rest of my life.  To that, I say a resounding NO.  Bite me, world.  I’m going to do this one way or another, and if the only way is a hostile takeover of the publishing industry armed with rattan sticks and backed by an army of rabbits, then let the warrior bunny breeding program commence.

I’ve already got the sticks.