Lots of things have been going on lately, all of them good.  I think.

First off, I am well on my way to creating and starting a plan to self-publish my first novel, Prisoner of War.  Title negotiable, but I haven’t heard a better idea.  I’ve met with a publisher that bills itself as a “mentoring publisher”.  The selling point is that they try to make it easier for authors to self-publish.  One major con is that they want a chunk of change up front, and I’m not sure I really need the hand-holding.

I certainly know more about what I’ll need to do and who I need to contact.  I am planning on working up a budget spreadsheet (dear lord grant me the patience to do this right), and once the cash figure is focused, I can start the kickstarter campaign.

But before I do *that*, I need to have the campaign ready to go.  I need a book trailer video, text for the campaign web page, and thank you prezzies all lined up pretty and perfect.  I have fuzzy plans for the vid, but I have already lined up a huge resource for that part.  The text should be easy.  The prezzies have been trickling into my brain.  Things are actually moving.  I’m so freaking excited that I’m actually going to do this, I can hardly sleep.

It’s awesome.