This weekend, I’ll be attending Minicon 48.  It’s one of the longest-running science fiction conventions in the area – heck, even WorldCon is only up to 71 years.

I’ve got a lot on my plate this year, mostly due to novel promotion.  I’m on two panels, and I have a reading on Saturday.  I am mildly terrified that no one will show up for that, but I forge ahead regardless!

One of the truly awesome things this year is that one of the panels I’m on is featuring Elizabeth Bear, one of my favorite authors.  I’ll be bringing a pile of books for her to sign, and possibly get something signed by her boyfriend, Scott Lynch.  He’s got a new one coming out at the end of this summer, close to when I’m hoping Prisoner of War will be out.  If I’m feeling really brave, I’ll ask for a blurb or review.

Pictures and such to follow!