I had a long talk with my editor yesterday, and while I’m not currently fond of the outcome, I think I will be in the long run.

My editor has found several issues that will require at least one more draft, delaying the release at least until the end of summer.  While I’m anxious to get the thing published and in my hot little hands, I know that I won’t be happy if I know I could have done better.  Thus, the delay.

And honestly, I don’t see how this could hurt the book, regardless of the fact that we’ve started the pre-marketing.  This gives me time to make the book all it can be.  It gives BMG more time to market the book properly.

I’ll be posting here more frequently, hopefully as much as three times a week.  Until the editor is finished with the book, after all, I should have time to read and write reviews.  Even work on new projects, of which I have a few.

Things will be just fine.  Even though I want to shake my tiny fist at the heavens and cry, “Curse you!”