My poor neglected blog. I haven’t posted anything here in months. Months, I tell you.

I have a new idea on how to make actual use of this thing. I do best when I feel accountable to something, and I figure that if I tell the world I’m doing a thing, and that I will update the progress on said thing once a week, several good things will happen.

Currently on submission:

“The Smell of Fall”, a gaslamp zombie story. If this doesn’t sell, I’ll likely sell it via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) within the next couple of months.

Expected to release this year:

Untitled collection of short stories in the world of Eye of the Storm, via KDP (some hard copies for Kickstarter backers)

Expected to release early next year:

To Break My Enemies, Book 2 of the Deus Ex Familia quartet

Secret romance novel for Bookman Media Group, currently titled It’s Complicated

No set release date:

Tilted, a gaslamp post-apocalyptic zombie novel that insists on being written RIGHT NOW

On Wings of Contagion, Book 3 of the Deus Ex Familia quartet

The Death of Hope, Book 4 of the Deus Ex Familia quartet

The next update will be July 23rd. Word counts and release updates to follow.