con pictures 021CONvergence was a new sort of experience for me this year. I stayed with a group of people I hadn’t met before, and while it was for the most part fine, I’m getting a room of my own for next year. Being an introvert, I think I need my own space closer to people I know.

From a business standpoint, the con was fantastic. Tons of networking, meeting authors and fans and friends, not to mention the reading was well-attended! I can’t wait to have physical copies to sell. I got several requests.

The entire weekend was exceedingly supportive. I can’t even remember how many people were genuinely happy to hear that my first book was coming out soon, including other authors, like Pete Haupman and guest of honor Melinda Snodgrass (what an awesome name!) and Michael Merriam.

My cat Beatrice hasn’t left my lap voluntarily since then. The bunnies are happy and relaxed. Back to the grind, writing the next novels. It sounds like Michelle Graber, the editor I used on Eye of the Storm, is interested in editing the second, and I’m really excited to work with her again! She has some great insights.

Now back to writing and getting reading for the next convention!