lightning_tree_oakThings have been insanely busy in my little corner of the world lately. Even disregarding all the crazy that’s been happening at the day job, I’m barely keeping up! Thus, the long dry spells between posts. I need to get better at scheduling.

The publicity efforts for Eye of the Storm are starting to get some serious steam. And my bandwidth, as a result, has been steamrollered. To catch up:

  • Release party went well
  • Made some good contacts at Worldcon in San Antonio
  • Positive online reviews at both Goodreads and Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble agreed to test sell the book in a few physical locations
  • People all over the Twin Cities find copies and buy them

To say the least, this is both grandly exciting and mildly terrifying. If I didn’t want the book to be successful, I would have kept it on my hard drive and never gone to the lengths I’ve taken to get it out there. I love that people are recognizing the book’s potential! But it’s new, and new is always a bit nerve-wracking. I’m doing my best to be worthy of all this attention, and working to keep it rolling. I have interviews and such lined up to coincide with all this press.

I’ve also got other people working with me, namely my co-publisher, BMG. They’ve invested just as much time and money in this book as I have. They helped me find good freelance editors and publicists, and are doing a lot to promote me. The effort would have been less professional without them, and I owe it to them to follow up on all their hard work (and my own). In fact, the folks at BMG are the ones who drafted up the proposal to Barnes & Noble, giving me the huge leg up that so many other authors don’t have access to.

And then there are the backers of my Kickstarter, who donated money to my crazy idea of pulling my book out of a dusty folder, cleaning it up, and trying to sell it to the world. I hardly dare breathe, in case I end up blowing it all down!

Thing is, I know I can do this. I can do the hard work of using up all my slight share of extrovert powers in the publicity, then hole up to work on the two books (!!) I’m currently writing. My backers, friends, and cooperative publisher have my back on this. We’ve all primed the Tesla coil.

Now I just need to be there for when the lightning strikes.

(Also, dear lord, do not GIS “lightning strike person”. OH GOD NO.)