After much cursing at the attempts by WordPress and Network Solutions to “help” me, I have moved my writing blog to my new shiny website!  I need to get a front page up and running, but this will do for now.

It’s not that I have no technical aptitude; I do have much schooling from the U of MN in engineering and such.  It’s just that I become furious with things that will not DO AS I SAY DAMMIT.  Technology should not tell me what I want of it.  I should demand, and technology should sweep a terrified bow and make it happen.  Dammit.  I once took the entire dashboard out of a POS Audi because I needed to get at something under the dash and the dashboard was in the way.  The friend who was helping me work on it ducked his head in, surveyed the mess, and told me he’d try really hard never to piss me off.

Seriously, if it breaks while I’m trying to fix it, it probably needed to break anyway.  And then I get to stomp on it in manic joy.

Anyway.  Aimee done smashing for the day.  I hope you enjoy the new site.