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Wherein I dance like a monkey

My Kickstarter broke $2500!  And you all know what that means, right? STUPID DANCE TIME The Dance of the First Quarter I wish WordPress would let me embed it, but I'm tired and hot and I want to post it NOW. You will get a new, even stupider dance at $5000.  And $7500.  And at $10k, I may have a coronary on "film" for you all.  I don't know.  I do know it will be dorky and involve lots of giggles on my part. Maybe I can pull out the remnants of my belly dance for you.  Or a carenza (turning eskrima into a dance piece). As long as it's dorky. ALSO.  I am considering adding bits of text from the book and the supporting materials I've come up with as stretch goals.  Let me know if you'd be interested in such things.  And tell your friends to pledge!

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I may have to do the dance

So my Kickstarter is nearly at 25% of goal.  HOLY MONKEYS, PEOPLE. On Friday, I told my coworkers that I would do a ridiculous dance if I got to 25% this coming week.  They said they would record it.  And I will post it here, for my dorkiness to be on display for all to see.  I think I'll do this for every 25% of goal.  And they will get dorkier every time, I promise. On other fronts, I had a visit from the parents today, who assure me that I am far less messy than my brother.  Thinking back to his room when we were kidlets, I totally believe this.  We went to local restaurant Brasa for lunch, which appeared to go over well.  Lots of walking and talking, and Dad took a nap while I showed Mom the Kickstarter vid. I also ran an errand, and came back to find the local orange kitty in my driveway.  I of course got out to give him pets, and he immediately flops on the ground to expose his belly and HE LET ME RUB IT OH GOD THE RAPTURE.  Then he followed me to my mailbox, and tried to follow me into my apartment.  I still feel guilty about shutting the door in his little face.  And I know he'll be just fine, and be back in a month or so to do the same thing.  I think he's trying to wear me down. Finally, I want to pump up the volume on a friend's new endeavor.  Kearney Quinn (link is to his Tumblr) is one of the funniest people I know, and he's decided to get off his butt and have a [...]

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Kickstarter vid is up

You can now watch me and listen to me plug my project over at Kickstarter!  The video is live. I've got to say that it's a bit crazy to be doing this, at least in my brain.  It's hard to wrap my brain around finally getting moving on this project.  I am both excited and nail-bitingly nervous. The video was shot and edited by my good friend and eskrima instructor, Chris McWethy.  Despite an overfull schedule and two young children, he managed to drag his semi-pro equipment to my apartment, spend several sweaty hours (I had to turn off the AC, it was too loud) shooting the raw footage, then spend several more hours editing the video into something really cool.  Even if you've already seen the page and/or donated, the video itself is worth a look, I think. I'm 20% funded.  If this keeps up, I may actually dissolve into a puddle of happy.  

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Let the Kickstarter begin!

My Kickstarter project is live. I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  I have 30 days to raise my funds.  I'll be posting a video by the fantastic Chris McWethy in a week or two, to give people even more information on the book, and about me. To anyone who decides to help fund the project - please pass on the link to friends and help spread the word. In a month, I'll know whether I get to do what I want, how I want it. In the meantime, I'm going to buckle down on editing the manuscript and making it better than ever. - Aimee

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Convention! and a review of Old Man’s War

I went to my favorite SF con this weekend, CONvergence. As usual, it was fantastic.  I was Aeryn Sun for one day, and I think I'll have to bring the costume back next year. I also did a panel on Martial Arts for the Working Writer, sitting next to Lyda Morehouse, who is a hoot and a half. I'll see if I can do more paneling on the same subject next year. It depends on who I can round up to be on it. I also have been doing a lot of reading. I plunged into a few Cat Valente novellas and came out feeling like I could converse in poetry. Her work is so dense, as though all the colors and emotions and references are all boiled down to their thickest, most complex of reductions. I feel more like I've played a movie in my head, rather than read a story. Review And to move on to an other still amazing and yet completely different, we have John Scalzi, and my second read by him, Old Man's War. The first of his books I read was The God Engines, and thus I was resistant to reading anything else by him as a result. Not that I didn't like TGE - in fact, I loved it intensely. My reticence came from John's own admission that TGE was like nothing he'd ever written before, and he would likely never write anything like it again. Cue my personal sadface. At any rate, I finally uncrossed my arms and decided to try one of his other novels once all the hype about Redshirts started hitting my news feed. I felt like I would probably enjoy that [...]

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Video shoot today

We're shooting the video for my Kickstarter project today, and oh lord, do I need to clean my house.  The bunnies lead to timothy hay in little itchy tendrils all over the apartment, and I haven't done dishes in over a week.  Yikes. It's also extremely hot here in Minneapolis, so I've got the little window AC running.  It's LOUD, so I may not be able to run it during shooting.  Which would be miserable, but preferable to trying to foley in sound later.  I don't have that much time, since Convergence is next week!  I'd prefer to be able to have the project up and running, so that when I tell people about it, they can go directly to the website and pledge.  I'm gonna be busy this week. Now I just need to break the inertia surrounding a pants-free Sunday morning.  OK, here goes.

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Kickstarter decision making

Crowd sourcing seems to be the next big thing in artistic funding.  Can't find a big company to supply the money you need to produce a children's book or concept album or video game?  Go places like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and crowdtilt (and there are more and more of these sites popping up all over, from what I can see). So how do I make up for my lack of fame?  I'm a first-time author with what I and many others think is a fantastic first novel, but no one knows me from a hole in the ground.  I was hand-writing my script for the video while thinking on that very issue.  Now, writing by hand is a different cognitive process from typing - more creative and less analytic, at least for me.  Therefore, it helps me to make intuitive leaps, and is great for outlining, plot breakthroughs, and problem-solving.  So a plan popped up in my head like a defiant finger. "Dude.  Don't treat it as a donation.  It's a *loan*." I've thought it over, and it makes sense.  I don't want to make myself a bajillion dollars, especially at the expense of other wonderful people.  I just want a leg up.  That means a loan, not charity. So here's my pledge:  anyone who backs my project (link to be added to front page shortly) at or above $50 will be paid back out of the book revenue. Now, if I don't make my minimum funding requirement, of course, the money never changes hands, and I go back to saving the old-fashioned way.  But this - I think this could work.  And it appeals to my Midwestern discomfort with taking help from others. I don't [...]

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Novellas and my first review here

I had a half hour to dork around a mall before a friend's birthday party, so of course I went to Barnes & Noble.  Did anyone know they have a YA SF/F section now?  Interesting sign in the real world of a trend I've seen online for at least a year. At any rate, after browsing for my allotted time, I picked up After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall: A Novel by Nancy Kress.  It's really more of a novella, as evidenced by its place on the Hugo ballot, a slim 182 pages in my copy.  I've never read her work before, but this little/big story made me rethink that. "The year is 2035. After ecological disasters nearly destroyed the Earth, 26 survivors—the last of humanity—are trapped by an alien race in a sterile enclosure known as the Shell. Fifteen-year-old Pete is one of the Six—children who were born deformed or sterile and raised in the Shell. As, one by one, the survivors grow sick and die, Pete and the Six struggle to put aside their anger at the alien Tesslies in order to find the means to rebuild the earth together. Their only hope lies within brief time-portals into the recent past, where they bring back children to replenish their disappearing gene pool. Meanwhile, in 2013, brilliant mathematician Julie Kahn works with the FBI to solve a series of inexplicable kidnappings. Suddenly her predictive algorithms begin to reveal more than just criminal activity. As she begins to realize her role in the impending catastrophe, simultaneously affecting the Earth and the Shell, Julie closes in on the truth. She and Pete are converging in time upon the future of humanity—a future which might never unfold. [...]

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Carriage Return has moved to this place!

After much cursing at the attempts by Wordpress and Network Solutions to "help" me, I have moved my writing blog to my new shiny website!  I need to get a front page up and running, but this will do for now. It's not that I have no technical aptitude; I do have much schooling from the U of MN in engineering and such.  It's just that I become furious with things that will not DO AS I SAY DAMMIT.  Technology should not tell me what I want of it.  I should demand, and technology should sweep a terrified bow and make it happen.  Dammit.  I once took the entire dashboard out of a POS Audi because I needed to get at something under the dash and the dashboard was in the way.  The friend who was helping me work on it ducked his head in, surveyed the mess, and told me he'd try really hard never to piss me off. Seriously, if it breaks while I'm trying to fix it, it probably needed to break anyway.  And then I get to stomp on it in manic joy. Anyway.  Aimee done smashing for the day.  I hope you enjoy the new site.

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On thank-yous and cover art

I did an impromptu facebook poll yesterday, to solicit ideas for thank-you gifts for Kickstarter donations.  Most of the responses indicated copies of the book in one form or another would be a good prezzie, and one friend named Flombaye (no, really, that's his name) went nuts with ideas for short stories I could turn into a chapbook which could then be another gift.  One person even suggested that for a high enough donation, the donor could have the movie option for one year.  0.0 One thing I hadn't considered, though, was the cover art.  People seem really interested in prints of the artwork, signed or unsigned, as a gift.  I am not opposed to this; in fact, it's a great idea.  It does, however, mean I need to actually *have* cover art picked out. So, a quick switch of gears.  I sent off rate requests to three artists.  One has already turned me down, citing the fact that he doesn't do illustrations.  Sadness, because he was my first choice, but also, likely to be the most expensive.  I hope to hear back from the others soon. I'm also going to be sitting down with my videographer this weekend to talk about the Kickstarter video.  I'm hoping it will be easy to put together and I can get the whole project moving soon.  I'm also planning on linking this blog to my website.  Fingers crossed that it works easily. In other news, I have my new bunny here at work for people to meet.  She's running the Bunny 500 around the desk, and is clearly happy.  Yay.

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