Literary Pet Peeves

Every reader I've ever spoken with has literary pet peeves.  One of the challenges of being a writer is identifying when an editorial suggestion is valid across most of her potential readers, and when it's [...]

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About that Sex in SF panel …

My best friend emailed me yesterday about my last blog post, where I described the Sex in Science Fiction panel as going "about as you'd expect", and asked me to 'splain her.  I looked back [...]

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Post-con update – Minicon 48

So before I get into this, I feel I have to mention that I had the following blog entry entirely written yesterday, hit 'post', and got an internal memory error.  Apparently the entry didn't save [...]

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Fun and networking at Minicon!

This weekend, I'll be attending Minicon 48.  It's one of the longest-running science fiction conventions in the area - heck, even WorldCon is only up to 71 years. I've got a lot on my plate [...]

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Frustrating delays and optimism

I had a long talk with my editor yesterday, and while I'm not currently fond of the outcome, I think I will be in the long run. My editor has found several issues that will [...]

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I am not Polish

The mother of my army This is a note for the Polish-language spammers that have been "commenting" on my blog.  At you, I laugh with roar.  My last name might look and sound [...]

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