2013 Hugo Awards: Best Novella Nominees

The novella is my favorite length of fiction. It's long enough to get in a good story with multi-layered characters and a complicated world, but it's short enough that you have to work hard to [...]

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2013 Hugo Awards reading – novelettes

A novelette lives in that nebulous area known as "longer than a short story and shorter than a novella".  Probably somewhere between 7500 and 20,000 words, which is quite a span. I like the novelette [...]

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2013 Hugo-nominated short stories

Since I'm going to WorldCon this year, that makes me eligible to vote for the Hugos. I'm doing my best to take this as a responsibility, especially since it drives me crazy that influential awards [...]

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CONvergence 2013 post-con summary

CONvergence was a new sort of experience for me this year. I stayed with a group of people I hadn't met before, and while it was for the most part fine, I'm getting a room [...]

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4th Street Fantasy, 2013

With the release of my debut novel looming on the horizon, I'm hitting every local (and some not-so-local) convention I can. It's exhausting, but I'm learning a lot and meeting hordes of like-minded people. I [...]

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That book has cooties!

As a soon-to-be self-published author, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading articles and blogs about the publishing industry.  Today, one particular article caught my attention:  Coverflip by Maureen Johnson at HuffPo. In it, [...]

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