The Summer Queen and her Friends

Research Teasers While I'm still working on chess as an extended metaphor for the sequel to Eye of the Storm, I still have tons of specific research to work on. This weekend, the Aos Sidhe [...]

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One of the few moves in chess that I know by name (so far) is castling. It's an opening move, safeguards the king, moves a rook to a better position, and is the only move [...]

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Top 100 SF/F novels

Yet again, yoinked from Leanne at Literary Excursion: How many have I read? It was easier to bold the books I haven't read. I italicized the series in which I haven't read all, but did [...]

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A cute little meme – 7 Deadly Sins

I've pulled a quick meme list for today's blog post from Leanne at Literary Excursions. The Four Horsemen are all over my brain, of course, so the Seven Deadly Sins fit right in. Greed What [...]

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Someone made a TV show for me, apparently

Even though I'm hard at work on the sequel to Eye of the Storm, I am still human and occasionally need to take a brain break. This week, I found this post on Kameron Hurley's [...]

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Life is full of trippy experiences lately

I had one of the stranger experiences in my life this week. I got to hold the hard copy of my first book. My Precious I can't even express how exciting this is, [...]

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